Scheduling a patient at Madison is easy.

To schedule a Patient:

Call us at 203-245-7351.  Our patient coordinators will gather all the information over the phone and you can get the order to us any time before their appointment.  Our fax number is 203-245-8838.

Use our scheduling form or whatever form you like and fax your order to us 203.245.8838.  We will contact the patient to schedule a time and let you know when they are scheduled.

For X-Ray’s, we welcome walk-ins.  Please give the order script to the patient and send them our way!

Please note, some exams require insurance prior-authorization or must meet Clinical Decision support criteria.  We will work with you to obtain the prior authorizations.

Click here to download a Madison Scheduling Form

Patient forms

Patients may be asked to complete some paperwork prior to their exam.  They can access patient forms here and can use our patient portal for specifics about thier exam.

Our Excellent Service & Results

Madison Radiology provides onsite Board-certified, fellowship-trained Radiologists at all times.  Our radiologists provide expert, detailed reports to you within 24 hours.

Onsite Radiologist

One of our Radiologists is always onsite, ready and available to answer any questions.  Please call one of radiologist anytime to discuss a patinet imagaing need or review any study we read.  Our onsite radiologist is also happy to meet with your patient and review their study results.  Let us know and we are happy to provide this service.

Reports and Results

For all exams, we offer expanded radiology professional services including:

We can be reached at 203-245-7351.

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