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At Madison Radiology, our goal is to provide the highest quality imaging at the lowest cost.  We strive to be the leading imaging provider in the area, allowing medical imaging for anyone who needs it, regardless of their insurance coverage or ability to pay.

Madison Radiology bills global services as an office (place of service 11).  Some providers may list Madison Radiology by address under Guilford Radiology.  Billing as a global services means you will only receive one charge for the exam and the professional radiology services.  You will not receive a separate bill for the exam and one for the radiologist!

Madison Radiology does not charge facility fees!  Many area hospitals and hospital owned outpatient centers charge facility fees which can add hundered of dollars to your fees. 


Madison Radiology utilzes a national billing provider MBMS.  MBMS specializes in Radiology billing, assuring you claim will be handled properly.  Once they recieve everything they need, they will review all services, submit the charges to your insurance and notify you of any balance once your claim has been processed.

Self-pay Cash Pay Discount

For high-deductible plan and self-insured patients, we offer a competitive cash pay discount, including a same day prompt pay discount. 

These discounts include 50% off the fess shcedule for all procedures.  Call our office to get pricing on your specific exam and discuss our self-pay options. Payment forms accepted onsite include Check, Venmo, MasterCard, VISA, and Discover Card.

In the case our provider is out-of-network, our staff is still happy to file a claim with your insurance company.  We can occasionally get out of network exemptions in some special situations.  We can also work out a payment plan with you after insurance has paid its portion. 

If you are having financial difficulties and need special assistance with your balance owed, please contact our billing specialist for information on our patient financial assistance program.

It is our mission to provide quality diagnostic imaging services to everyone in Connecticut, regardless of financial circumstances. Contact us today with any questions or concerns!

Participating Insurance Carriers

Madison Radiology participates with a large network of insurance including all the major plans, Medicare and CT Medicaid plus many specialty plan and networks.  Below is our extensive list of insurance networked insurance carriers.  Please note, this list is provided as a reference, participation is subject to change. 

You should check with your insurance plan to verify network status and coverage.  Additionally, some plans may require authorization prior to the procedure, your referring doctor can work with us on this.  Please give us a call to further discuss any insurance or billing questions you may have.Below is a listing of Madison Radiology's contracted insurance plans.  Some of these plans have sub plans and other specific circumstances, please check with your plan to assure coverage and newtork status.  

Note: Participation subject to change at any time.

Note: Participation subject to change at any time.

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