Radiation Safety

Our top concern.

The physicians and staff of Madison Radiology are committed to ensuring the safe practice of radiology. We proudly subscribe to the standards set by organizations like the American College of Radiology. Here are some additional aspects of our safety protocols and initiatives:

We hold American College of Radiology (ACR) accreditation for CT, MRI, Ultrasound (Breast, Vascular, and General), and Mammography
We hold Image Gently certification demonstrating safety in Pediatric Imaging.
We proudly participate in the Image Wisely campaign, sponsored by the American College of Radiology, which works to ensure safe adult imaging.

We use Radiation shields during CT scanning to protect the sensitive tissues of the thyroid gland, breasts and eyes.
Our staff is trained to minimize radiological dosage during every exam, and our equipment is monitored by a physicist.
Additionally, at our offices, our CT equipment automatically adjusts the radiation dose to use the lowest possible dose on each individual patient, and our technologists monitor and adjust the radiation dose to produce the best study with the least radiation. The safety of our patients is always our primary concern.

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