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An order from your healthcare provider is necessary for most imaging exams. 

  • If you have an order: Proceed to request an appointment.
  • If you do not have an order: Please contact your provider. In some cases, doctors may fax the order directly to us at 203-245-8838.

To request an appointment, please complete the information on this page and hit the blue "Send" button. 

After submitting your request, a Madison Radiology representative will contact you to verify your demographic information and insurance details with you and then schedule your appointment.

Please note, every patient and every imaging study we complete are important to us.  Our goal is to contact every patient with a pending order within a day or 2.  Also, please understand we contact patients based on urgency of their exam/s.  Some medical imaging exams require a prior-authorizaiton to schedule and/or complete your exam which may delay the time it takes us to contact you.  Thank you for your patience as we will get back you timely.


  1. Do I always need an order from my provider for imaging?

    • In most cases, yes. An order ensures that the appropriate exam is conducted based on your medical needs and we know where to send your results.
  2. What if my doctor has already sent you the order?

    • If your doctor has sent the order to us, simply complete the request an appointment info.
    • If you are unsure if your provider has sent an order, please contact them for verification and once confirmed complete the request an appointment info.

We're here to assist. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to reach out or call 203.245.7351.

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