Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging

What is diagnostic X-ray?

Diagnostic X-ray is the use of an X-ray beam and film combination to produce images of various parts of the body to help identify healthy or abnormal conditions.

What X-ray services are offered?

We provide X-rays of the head, neck, chest, spine, abdomen, pelvis and extremities. We also provide fluoroscopic x-rays .

Are X-rays safe for me?

We use the latest technology in high-speed film and cassettes to help reduce your X-ray exposure. Women who might be pregnant or who are nursing should inform their doctor, who may wish to delay exposure to X-rays.

Who will be performing my X-rays?

Our X-ray technologists are nationally registered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). They are also licensed in the state of Connecticut. Every 2 years they must complete 24 CME credits of continuing education in their field.

Can I get a copy of my X-Ray's?

Yes. After your X-Ray's are completed, we can either put the images onto a CD for you to take home. We can also print films as well.

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